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Facet Syndrome Treated With Decompression Therapy

What Is Facet Syndrome?

As we age, the cartilage that lines the facet joint surfaces gradually wears away. Friction between the bones can cause tenderness, swelling, stiffness, and facet joint pain. Facet syndrome is generally regarded as part of the natural aging process; however, it may also be caused by an injury or overuse of vertebral joints while on the job or playing sports.

As a result of constant stress bone spurs often form along the edges of the bones most commonly found in joints. While facet syndrome can occur at any level of the spine, it is most common in the lower back or lumbar region.

How Does Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy Help Facet Syndrome?

Marine City Chiropractor specializes in spinal disc decompression therapy to help alleviate the symptoms associated with Facet Syndrome. The treatment works by gently separating the problem disc(s) and involved joint capsules, creating a negative pressure inside the disc and joint capsules to pull water, oxygen, and nutrients into the disc and space between the joints. This process helps rehydrate the disc and surrounding joint capsule, bringing in the nutrients needed to heal fibers and slow down the degenerative process. As the disc is re-hydrated, the shock absorbing properties are restored. In many cases, some of the lost height is restored as well, creating more space for the nerve.

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