Neck & Upper Back or Arm Pain | The Gilbert Clinic

Because your neck is responsible for constantly supporting and moving your head (which can be about 14-16 pounds), it often can get injured.

The spinal nerves in the neck (brachial plexus) send nerve impulses to areas of the upper body. These large bundle of nerves run down your arms and upper back. In some cases, if your arm is hurting (radiculopathy), it could be directly correlated to a problem in the neck.

Some common symptoms in the arms are numbness, tingling, coldness, and pain. Most common neck and upper back pain is caused by poor posture, stress, disc problems, and pinched nerves.

The Brachial Plexus and Brachial Plexopathy

Shoulder, arm and hand pain and problems are common, and many issues with these areas can be linked to a group of nerves, called the brachial plexus. These nerves run from the lower neck through the upper shoulder area, and allow the shoulder, arm and hand to move and feel.

Any nerve damage to the brachial plexus can cause pain, loss of mobility and loss of sensation to these areas, this is known as brachial plexopathy. This damage can be a result of a direct injury, stretching injury, birth trauma or other issues such as inflammatory conditions.


Chiropractic care, Decompression Therapy, Massage Therapy, Laser therapy, Ice Therapy and specific manipulation are possible treatments that may alleviate and/or reduce the symptoms associated with this condition.

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