The body can hold stress patterns. When ignored, these patterns can cause the body to express symptoms such as pain. Chiropractors identify the source of the pain and help eliminate it with various techniques.

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Leg Pain
  • Arm pain
  • Whiplash


Massage is an integral part of health. At The Gilbert Clinic you can expect to get the skilled treatment you need with friendly and professional service. We offer a wide array of massage therapy services.

  • Relaxation
  • Deep Tissue
  • Wellness
  • Pregnancy
  • Sports

  • Injury


We offer the only Non-invasive Spinal Decompression therapy in the area.  If you are experiencing pain down the arms or legs this can be due to herniated or bulged disc putting pressure on a nerve.

  • Sciatica
  • Bulged Disc
  • Stenosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Sports

  • Injury

Class IV Laser

The Gilbert Clinic is certified in the use of a medical Class IV Laser which is the most powerful class of laser for non-invasive treatment. A new innovative treatment that is drug free!

  • Sports Injuries
  • Sprains
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Rotator Cuff
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel

Custom Orthotics

We offer computerized fitted orthotics. Improve your functional stability, stabilize your foot and ankle and enhance your athletic performance with custom fitted flexible supports.

  • Foot Pain
  • Ankle Pain

  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shin Pain

Nutritional Supplements

Improve your overall health and well-being. The Gilbert Clinic offers the best nutritional supplements available. Not all supplements are created equal. Don’t settle for anything less.

  • Specific
  • Age Related
  • Targeted
  • Top Quality

  • Wide Range
  • On-line Order