We all have a spine, let’s get it checked!

The spine is an amazing complex structure that controls the function of the entire body. Without the spine our life would not be possible.

Realizing the importance of a healthy spine and taking good care of it is the first step to staying out of debilitating pain later in life. Treat your spine well and it will “support” you throughout your lifetime.

A National Health Interview Survey found that among those who had used chiropractic for back pain, 66% perceived “great benefit” from their treatments.

The spine is subjected to many stresses, from the early development and birthing process, learning to sit upright and crawl, walking, running, jumping to more complex movements as in sports, repetitive actions or overuse from work related activities. Add to this, the accidental slips and falls, the dreadful auto accident or the lapse of judgment we have all experienced when it comes to lifting objects against gravity and many other circumstances.

Here are some specific times throughout your life to seek treatment and the advice of your chiropractor.

You are simply in pain

You have the same reoccurring pain

You have headaches

You have experienced a slip and fall

You are involved in contact sports

You have a work related injury

You have been involved in an auto accident

You are pregnant

You have a child

And the most overlooked…You feel fine

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