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Our core fitness approach (“Core Concepts”) was developed and adapted from existing fitness and exercise programs including but not limited to:  Martial Arts, Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy rehab etc… Although the concept of fitness is fundamental to most regiments Dr. Gilbert believes that utilizing the best that each has to offer and combining them together in one or more specific program can bring about dramatic results for fitness and proper posture.

Core Concepts is divided into 5 distinct but non-exclusive categories:

  1. Core Motion
  2. Core Balance
  3. Core Strength
  4. Core Power
  5. Core Stretch

The program(s) are developed by taking each one of these concepts into consideration. The concepts are applied in a very specific order and intensity according to the desired goal and results. Furthermore, the non-exclusivity of each category is explained by the fact that inherently we are unable to isolate any of the concepts by themselves, in other words they are interdependent to each other.

Example: When a program is developed around Core Power, portions of the program will inherently be linked to the other categories, even though the main focus is Core Power.

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