Sprains and strains are common injuries that occur when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. While they can be painful and uncomfortable, there are a variety of treatments available to help alleviate the pain and promote healing. One such treatment is laser therapy, which has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Laser therapy is a form of light therapy that uses low-level lasers to penetrate the skin and target damaged tissue. It is believed to work by stimulating the body’s natural healing process and increasing blood flow to the affected area. This increased circulation can help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. It can also help speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of further injury.

When it comes to treating sprains and strains, laser therapy is most effective when used in combination with other treatments such as chiropractic, therapy, rest, ice, and compression. Laser therapy can help reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling while therapy can help improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles.

Overall, laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for sprains and strains. It can help reduce pain and inflammation while also promoting healing. If you are considering laser therapy for your injury, Give Us a Call! We can help!