I bet it wouldn’t surprise you that most golfers and top athletes need to keep their bodies at optimum function, and to help accomplish this enlist a chiropractor to be a part of their team.

One of the back conditions that patients routinely visit our Marine City chiropractor for is a herniated disc. This type of injury generally responds well to chiropractic treatment so it’s wise to schedule an appointment in the early stages. Herniated disc treatment can help patients avoid prescription pain medications and any side effects that come along with them.

Golf involves a lot of spine and hip mobility.  From posture to back swing, at impact and follow through, the spine needs to function correctly at each segment level otherwise, your game will suffer and eventually your spine as well.

Many of the top athletes today use a sports chiropractor to evaluate their spine and joints for peak performance.  Proper spine mechanics allows an athlete to perform at their very best. It is no wonder that they get regular adjustments, to help maintain motion and alignment which in turn keeps muscles in balance, and the nervous system functioning at its optimal.