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Patient Feedback

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 37 reviews

"Great care, exceptional facilities, great Doc and staff"

I feel so much better now that I am pain free. Thank You Gilbert Clinic!

That was the best experience at a doctor's office ever!

I'm very much impressed with this office! Dr. Gilbert gave me exercises to do for my back and I do them daily. I also had a great massage there. I would recommend this place.

I have never been to the chiropractor before and I was nervous to even call for an appointment. Jennifer was very understanding and calming right away. She answered all my questions, explained my insurance and what to expect on my first visit. I felt better after making the appointment, until it was time to go...then the nerves started again.Sure enough, Jennifer was there to greet me right away and the check in went smooth as can be. I was ready to meet with Dr. Gilbert...I didn't have to wait long at all! He introduced himself and asked a few questions. He was easy to talk to! He spoke to ME about chiropractic and inform me about the health benefits of getting adjusted even when there isn't pain. Dr. Gilbert even took the time to eased my mind of some things I have heard over the years.I told him about my low back issues and after a couple procedures he had me do, he adjusted me right away...even without x-rays! I instantly felt better!Dr. Gilbert is a big guy, but knows his stuff!I can't believe I waited so long to go to the chiropractor!Thank you Dr. Gilbert and Jennifer for making my first experience surprisingly easy and enjoyable! I look forward to my follow-up appointment next week!

I always feel so much better when I leave!

Being a PGA Tour Caddy, I do a lot of lifting and walking. Dr. Gilbert has helped me maintain my diet, fitness, and feet! Between the vitamins and protein shakes, personal training, and the flexible orthotics, I am able to run circles around the Pro's!

Walking eight miles a day with 40 lbs on your better have a healthy foundation! Glad to hear the time you put into staying healthy and fit is paying off for you! Good luck this week! Dr. G.

I started the rehab after my car accident and I was in a lot of pain, Jen helped me thru the exercises and I am back and better than ever!

by Beth Laubenthal on The Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic

I was in a car accident in fall of 2012. Between several doctors, I was still in a lot of pain. I came to Dr. Gilbert and am finally relatively pain free. Not only does he listen, but he seems to actually care. Thank you. Plus, his staff is AMAZING!

I have been to a few chiropractors in the past, I am new to the area and was referred by a neighbor to go to Dr. Gilbert. WOW! That was the best adjustment I have ever had! The office was professional and helpful with my insurance and the doctor was amazing! Thank you!

I could hardly walk when I sent to Dr. Gilbert's office. After my adjustment, Jennifer showed me how to do the exercises the doctor recommended. I was able to walk out of the office virtually pain free! Thank you Dr. Gilbert and Jennifer, you make a great team!

I truly believe Dr. Gilbert is a miracle worker! He cares about his patients, their health and well-being. You don't find many doctors like that anymore!

I don't know why, but I waited a long time to see a chiropractor. I had exhausted all other avenues and finally gave in and called the Gilbert Clinic.

I spoke with Jennifer first. She understood my concerns and helped put me at ease right away. She walked me through the process on the phone before I even made the appointment.

Next I spoke with Julia about my insurance questions and she was very helpful/knowledgeable in letting me know what my insurance covered. I was able to get in the same day.

When I met Dr. Gilbert he helped me to understand why I was hurting. After a few adjustments, I am able to get back to work and running the kids around!

Thank you to everyone for making me feel comfortable and welcome in your office.

I have heard of people hurting their back by sneezing or coughing while going to the bathroom, but I thought it would happen to me.

I was so embarrassed that I didn't want to tell anyone how it happened, I thought the pain in my mid back would just work itself out. But that wasn't the case. The pain was getting worse everyday and after almost 2 weeks I had to go in.

Dr. Gilbert told me this happens more often than one might think as he put me back together. In no time at all, I was back to normal. Once it was all over with, it was more embarrassing that I waited in pain for so long!

I can't believe I endured the pain in my right wrist for so long. I didn't want to go to any doctor for fear of them telling me I needed carpal tunnel surgery. Dr. Gilbert caught on to my pain one day when I was in getting adjusted. He asked me a few questions about it, adjusted it...WOW! He is the best! I haven't had the pain return and it has been 3 months now!

Dr. Gilbert has always fixed me in a few sessions, my last doctor wanted me to come 3-4 times a week for a month. I don't have that kind of time and I don't think I have a need for that kind of treatment. I like Dr. G's style!

I had gotten use to the cronic pain I suffered from for many years. In talking with a friend, she suggested I go see Dr. Gilbert. After talking with him and bringing him up-to-date on my sciatic pain, he assured me he treats this with much success. After about 2 weeks of treatments and home stretches he gave me to do, not only am I out of pain, I have returned to doing things I have since given up on. I have returned to the golf course and I am able to enjoy it again! Now if only Doc can help my score too!

I have had shoulder pain for many years and have seen a variety of doctors and therapists. Going to see Dr. Gilbert was the best decision! He adjusted my shoulder and put this stretchy tape on it. After 3 days, I can throw the ball to my boy again without any pain! What a difference this has made on my life!

I have had several debilitating migraines for many years and had never thought of going to a chiropractor for it. All the other doctors gave me medicine that masked the problem, made me loopy and in a few hours, the migraine was back. I went to the Gilbert Clinic and found relief! I don't get them half as much as I use to and when I feel one coming on, I go get adjusted right away. I have been able to manage them a lot better!..I have even stopped taking the medicine!

I like that I can usually get in the same day, in and out within 15 minutes and everyone is so friendly staff and other patients! Great atmosphere!

My daughter use to complain of headaches almost every day when she was 15. I had taken her to her pediatrician but all they said they could do was give her medicine. She didn't like taking the medicine and I really didn't like giving it to her.

Then a fried suggested I go see Dr. Gilbert and ask his opinion. I am so glad I did! We scheduled 30 minute massages with an adjustment twice a week for 2 weeks. We started to see improvements, so we dropped down to once a week for 2 weeks. Then once a month for a few months. Now she goes if she thinks she feels one coming on, but hasn't had a headache in over 6 months! No medicine, she didn't miss school and she is feeling normal again...well, as normal as a (now) 16 year old can feel! 🙂

My visit to the Gilbert Clinic was a very pleasant experience. I went in feeling a bit nervous as I had never been to a chiropractor before. Everyone in the office was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I felt so much better when I left.

We travel a lot and find ourselves seeking chiropractic care. We have been chiropractic patients for over 15 years and know what works and what doesn't. Dr. Gilbert is the best that we have found! It is always a relief when we arrive home because we know we are going to get the best adjustments! If we could only take him on vacation with us, that would be great!

Most professional staff! Help with insurance questions,fitting me in at a moments notice! Great place and staff!

My wife bought us gift certificates for Valentine's Day. At first I was a little taken back by it (I had never had a massage before). The massage lady, Katie, was very comfortable to talk to, she explained what was going to happen and reassured me that if I felt uncomfortable at any time to let her know. After about 5 minutes, I was so relaxed!

We enjoyed our massages and my wife even took me out to dinner afterward! It was a great night!

My husband bought me 3 massage gift certificates for Christmas. I used my first one today. It was so nice! The heat from the bed, an extra heating pad that moved as she was working on me, the smell of the vanilla candle burning and the soft music on the radio. I felt like a princess!

I love that I can request different scented lotion every time I get a massage. Peppermint in the winter to help my sinus, lavender after a long days work and I am looking forward to my usual citrus in the spring! 🙂

When I bent down to pick up my 2 year old grandson, I felt something in my back catch. I could hardly stand up straight. I thought it would go away just as fast as it came. After a few days, I couldn't take it anymore.

Dr. Gilbert recommended getting adjustments and massage during the same visit. What a difference it made, I am feeling quite a bit better now!

Who knew kids could / should get adjusted too? My son had a neck injury during a football game (they won!). He is 13 and we went to many different doctors and specialist for his pain. I even tried pain medicine, but after a week, I didn't want to give him any more. I took him to see Dr. Gilbert and now his neck pain is gone!

Since it is was good for him, I asked Dr. Gilbert about my younger son who suffers from chronic ear and sinus infections. He missed so much school, I just didn't know what else to do. After just a few adjustments, we saw great improvements. Now he goes for maintenance and has not been sick since!

I have a happy and healthy house again and it is all thanks to Dr. Gilbert! We go to him with all of our aches and pains first, we value him and his professional opinion! I am very happy we have such a great doctor!

Everyone is friendly and efficient. It is always a good experience when I go to their office. Of course, the best part is my pain is always improved when I leave.

I have been to many other doctors and chiropractors for my plantar fasciitis, only to be disappointed. Their inadequate knowledge and techniques did nothing for me. I can tell you that the quality of my treatments from the Gilbert Clinic has improved my quality of life!

I was unable to care for my 3 year old granddaughter, she is always on the go and the pain in my feet was unbearable! Now I am able to take her for walks and take her to the park and simply keep up with her! I could never repay you for this! Thank you!

I recommend the Gilbert Clinic to everyone!

It was my first massage with Katy today. We talked about my sore spots and she went right to work. She did an amazing job! I am looking forward to another massage with her!

Dr. Gilbert really knows what he is doing. He explains why the pain is there and makes suggestions on how to avoid getting the pain in the future. He always examines you first before rushing in to do the adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert!

even though it is cold outside, I appreciate the warm welcome as i walk into the office and the compassionate and excellent care i receive. the gilbert clinic is one which exceeds my expectations every time i go. i have been a patient for about 4 years now, i am glad my daughter and son-in-law recommended it.

Dr Gilbert is great at listening and finding the right spot to fix! I love his beside manner too. Great doctor and great person!

Dr. Gilbert is the best chiropractor! I have been to many different doctors trying to make the pain in my back go away. As a back surgery patient, I was impressed with his thorough knowledge and ability to treat me safely and effectively. Regular appointments with the doctor have helped me avoid more surgeries and return to the active lifestyle I enjoyed previously. I have referred my friends and family, that is the best compliment I can give.

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