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Athlete Evaluation | At The Gilbert Clinic

The challenges that athletes put their bodies through can differ from ordinary lifestyle stresses on the human structure.  The high activity level of any athlete is a good thing, as long as they are capable of maintaining proper posture and correct movement patterns.

Do I Need to Be Evaluated?

Poor vertebral segment mechanics (subluxation) in the spine leads to fixations and a change in muscle firing patterns. When posture becomes compromised and movement patterns altered the body begins to be subjected to repeated stress patterns. These patterns of stress typically show up in predictable ways with common areas of complaint.

If you are sore after athletic performance, this is normal, but if you feel a sharp pain, or a long term nagging discomfort especially if it seems to reoccur this may be an indication that your posture and movement patterns are compromised creating secondary dysfunction.

Two Types of Dysfunction

Primary: This type involves a trauma/accident i.e. lifting, impact collision, slip & fall or some other unexpected circumstances, usually sudden in nature.

Secondary: This type of dysfunction is caused by faulty posture and abnormal movement patterns and is often the result of repeated stress. This type of dysfunction develops over a longer period of time and can go years without notice and suddenly manifest without warning.


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How Can a Chiropractic Sports Physician Help?

Depending on the diagnosis of your condition we have function tests to pinpoint problems and treatment programs to:

  1. Reduce pain and symptoms
  2. Stabilize and better your posture
  3. Restore normal function of the involved areas
  4. Prevent future problems

Treatments options we might pursue:

  1. Manipulation of the affected areas
  2. The use of Therapeutics: massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release
  3. Kinesio Tapping or bracing as needed
  4. Exercise to build muscle strength and stabilize joint movement
  5. Stabilizing Orthotics to help foot stability and absorb damaging stress


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